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If you think that having an inadequate level of car insurance is not a big deal, consider the following:

Given the significant amount of time you spent in your car, covering it in case of damage or destruction is critical. Do not put your investment at risk.

Car Insurance Is Required in Byron Center, MI

Drivers in and near Byron Center, Michigan are legally required to meet the following minimum liability limits in their car insurance policy:


Those who fail to carry the mandated coverage are subject to monetary fines and even jail time. While Michigan drivers must carry liability coverage, they can choose to add comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist and personal liability coverage if they so desire.

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Car insurance quotes can seem confusing. Below, we break down the different types of coverage for you:

  • Liability coverage – Pays for expenses if you cause an accident resulting in injury, death or property damage
  • Collision coverage – Reimburses costs resulting from damage or destruction your car suffers
  • Comprehensive coverage – Pays the costs of repairing your vehicle if it is damaged by covered events including theft or storms
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage – Helps you pay to repair your car if a drive that does not have insurance causes an accident
  • Medical payments coverage – Takes care of medical expenses if an accident harms or kills your passengers and funeral costs if anyone in your vehicle loses their life
  • Personal umbrella policy – Expands your liability coverage beyond your other underlying limits
  • Personal injury protection – Pays your medical bills if you get injured in a covered accident
  • Property protection coverage – Pays for repairs if you unintentionally damage someone else’s property
  • Roadside coverage – Covers the costs of common roadside services if your car breaks down
  • Sound system insurance – Provides financial assistance with the costs of replacing stolen video or audio equipment

Compare Byron, Michigan Car Insurance Quotes Carefully

Aside from state-mandated coverage, you should customize your car insurance policy to your individual needs, situation and budget. The optional coverages that might suit some drivers perfectly may not be the ideal coverage for you.

At Compass Insurance Agency of Byron Center, we make the process of reviewing and comparing car insurance quotes virtually foolproof. We do the legwork for you by partnering with about 20 insurance carriers and obtaining quotes from them ourselves. This way, all you need to do is review the quotes and decide which one appeals to you.

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Customer-Focused: We Treat You Like Family

We are an independent insurance agency. Why is this important? It means that we can put your needs and desires ahead of the insurance providers because we are not obligated to recommend one over another.

As a family-run business with strong ties to the community, we take pride in treating our customers like family and giving them the gold standard in service. Customers enjoy many benefits when they trust us with their coverage including:

  • Our agents work for you, not the insurance companies
  • We partner with the top insurance carriers
  • We specialize in Michigan insurance, making us true experts at guiding customers toward the best coverage for them
  • We spare you the hassle of working with multiple agencies by managing all of your auto, home, boat and ATV insurance in one place

We also want to help you save money!

When you bundle multiple insurance policies with Compass Insurance Agency in Byron Center, you can save, on average, $796 per year on your car insurance!

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