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Compass Insurance Agency offers comprehensive boat insurance for Kentwood and Byron Center, MI boat, personal watercraft (PWC), jet ski, or yacht owners that can’t be beaten. You’ll receive the best coverage at the best rate with the best customer service compared to other insurance providers or brokerage companies.

Not only does the boat insurance protect your watercraft and property but it also covers any damage or loss caused to another person’s watercraft or personal property in the event of a claim. With Compass Insurance on your side, you can have peace of mind no matter where the waves take you.

When boating season rolls around, the last thing you want is expensive insurance to take away from your fun. At Compass, we think boat coverage doesn’t have to mean big bills. We pride ourselves in getting you the right boat insurance quotes from 20 insurance carriers that fit your budget and boating needs. With our great rates and variety of coverages, your boat will be properly protected and insured.

Collision damage

Collision Damage

Protect your boat and trailer from the unexpected. If there’s a problem and you need to get it repaired or replaced, this type of insurance coverage provides you with peace of mind for what can be an expensive day on the water. Additionally, it may cover clean-up costs from any wreckage. If you are concerned about something beyond that, extra coverage may be needed. Contact our personal watercraft insurance agents to compare quotes and review the right boat coverage for you.

Property damage liability

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability is an important component of personal watercraft and boat insurance that provides coverage if you accidentally cause damage to another person’s boat, dock, or other property and/or structures. It pays for any necessary repairs or replacement costs and can even protect you from legal fees if a claim is filed against you. Without this insurance coverage, boat owners risk having to cover all expenses related to incidents like these out of pocket, which can be incredibly costly.

Bodily injury and personal liability

Bodily Injury & Personal Liability

Bodily injury & personal liability boat coverage is an important insurance component that protects against medical bills resulting from an injury sustained in an accident that you were liable for. This covers the other party that has been injured in an accident in which you were responsible. This kind of insurance coverage protects against medical bills incurred, lost income due to injuries, pain, and suffering experienced, as well as legal expenses that were incurred by the other party, in a PWC or boat accident that you were at fault.


Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage if the boat or PWC is damaged, vandalized, or stolen – regardless of whether it was involved in a collision or not. Depending on the deductibles and limits you select, this provision provides compensation for either the boat or personal watercraft’s actual cash value, the replacement cost, or an agreed-upon value based on current market conditions.

Boats are costly from the day you get them to the day you sell them

Additional Boat Coverage Options

Most marinas and finance companies require boat or watercraft insurance to be purchased in order to use their services, so it’s essential that you get coverage that meets your needs and their standards. Rest assured that any kind of accident or damage will be taken care of financially so that you won’t be left washed ashore in worry. Spend your time on the water enjoying yourself instead of worrying over potential mishaps.

Let Compass Insurance Agency do all the legwork for you by shopping 20 providers, comparing apple-to-apple coverage you need, and presenting you with the best quote options on your boat.

  • Coverage for medical payments
  • Fishing equipment
  • Prop damage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Oil Spills
  • Personal property
  • Damages and injuries from accidents caused by other watercraft users who are uninsured or underinsured

The Top Insurance Companies We Work With

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Nationwide Insurance
Citizens Insurance
Liberty Mutual
Progressive Insurance

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