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Protect Your Investments With Byron Center, MI Auto Insurance

Ensuring that your motorcycle, RV, ATV or boat is covered is equally as important as obtaining insurance for your car. These vehicles are all significant investments. If you fail to insure them, you risk losing your investment.

For this reason, Compass Insurance Agency of Byron Center makes auto insurance quotes available for all of these vehicles. Furthermore, we can save you big bucks if you bundle auto insurance for multiple vehicles with us.

Rule The Road: Byron Center, MI Car Insurance

When you protect your car with the proper level of car insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you are legally and financially secure every time you get behind the wheel. From mandatory limits dictated by the state of Michigan to optional coverage that is perfect for your situation, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right coverage.

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Byron Center, MI Motorcycle Insurance

Ride Into Adventure: Byron Center, MI Motorcycle Insurance

Take as many road trips as you like and leave your cares behind with motorcycle insurance that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget. You can customize your policy with comprehensive coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, full replacement coverage, medical coverage and more.

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Byron Center, MI ATV Insurance

Get Rugged On Any Terrain: Byron Center, MI ATV Insurance

There is no doubt about it: riding an ATV is a blast! Unfortunately, some people do not look beyond the fun aspects of an all-terrain vehicle to think about insuring it. Even though ATVs do not travel on the road with cars, you can still get into a costly accident while operating or riding in one. By making sure your ATV is adequately covered with ATV insurance, you give yourself the freedom to enjoy off-roading to the fullest extent.

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Byron Center, MI Boat Insurance

Set Sail On Smooth Seas: Byron Center, MI Boat Insurance

Boats are not cheap. Even the most fun or relaxing boat trip can turn dark if you get into a collision and do not carry proper coverage. Boat insurance consists of coverages that are similar to auto insurance including property damage liability, bodily injury and personal liability, comprehensive and collision damage. Plus, the majority of financing companies and marinas require boat and personal watercraft insurance.

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Save Big When You Insure Multiple Vehicles

If you assume you will pay an arm and a leg to insure multiple vehicles, you are in for a pleasant surprise! At Compass Insurance Agency of Byron Center, we work with about 20 insurance providers. This allows us to get quotes from premiere insurance carriers that are a perfect fit for your individual needs and budget.

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Nationwide Insurance
Citizens Insurance
Liberty Mutual
Progressive Insurance

Furthermore, when you bundle two or more policies with us, you will save big – $796 per year on average!

As a customer-focused agency, we do everything in our power to make certain you are not only satisfied, but delighted, with your quotes, insurance coverage and the customer service you receive from us.

  • Our agents make you, not the insurance companies, the top priority
  • We partner with the top insurance carriers in Michigan
  • We are truly experts at finding the best coverage for customers because we specialize in Michigan insurance
  • We manage all of your policies in one place, sparing you the hassle of working with multiple agencies
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